Capital Markets

Securing capital via organized markets, such as share and bond markets, is likely to increase in importance in light of the growing regulatory demands on banking. But companies seeking long-term success on capital markets need to know the rules of the game, and what drives its players.

Boehm-Bezing Mayer & Cie. gives clients objective, impartial advice on whether approaching organized markets is a viable option for placement of their debt or equity - and/or what needs to be done to make the company more attractive to capital markets.

If our clients opt for an IPO or the emission of bonds, we structure the transaction to meet the demands of capital markets, striving to achieve the best possible outcome. In our role as a project and process manager, we assist clients with every detail of the transaction, right up to the listing of the shares or placement of the bonds.

But if the organized capital market is not the best way for clients to reach their goals, there are many attractive alternatives: For example, private placement of equity and debt, or instruments such as open market credits and participation rights.